Tammy Thomas for Shawnee City Council

Tammy's Priorities for Shawnee

Prioritize Public Safety
Police and Fire must be equipped with the resources to meet the needs of Shawnee. We must work to ensure there are no gaps in coverage. Letís keep our community safe.

Fix Our Infrastructure
Shawnee has millions of dollars in unmet infrastructure needs, including failing pipes that need critical repairs. We must take care of our streets and storm water system. Letís fix Shawnee.

Respect Taxpayer Resources
72% of Shawnee residents rejected a property tax increase, a definitive call to rein in the size and scope of Shawnee government and focus on core services. Letís be good stewards of taxpayer dollars.

Champion Small Business
Shawnee needs to promote its small businesses, not compete with them. We can attract great business via a level playing field and practicing strict scrutiny on new incentives. Letís grow the right way!

Unify Shawnee
Shawnee is a diverse city Ė and Ward 1 itself stretches from Switzer on the east to Monticello on the west. We must focus on all our residents and not any one sector. Letís bring Shawnee together.

Other FAQ
  • Pro-Life: Tammy is proud to be pro-life, from conception to natural death.
  • 2nd Amendment: Tammy strongly supports 2nd amendment rights.

    If you have any questions for Tammy, e-mail her at tammythomas1524@gmail.com.