Tammy Thomas for Shawnee City Council

Promises Made. Promises Kept.

For the last four years, Tammy Thomas has a clear record supporting the residents of Shawnee:

Funding Key Priorities: Tammy supported improving our infrastructure and fully funding our police and fire departments, including hiring six new police officers to keep us safe.

Reducing Taxes and Fees: Tammy led the fight to reduce property taxes by over 2 mills and voted to reduce or eliminate unnecessary fees on families and businesses.

No Blank Checks: Tammy asks tough questions to ensure your tax dollars are being spent wisely, demanding accountability for every dollar.

No Rubber Stamps: Tammy has voted against corporate welfare and against projects that were not supported by Shawnee residents.

Preserving Our Neighborhoods: Tammy kept our neighborhoods strong by voting to prevent single-family homes from being converted to apartments.

Priorities for the Future

Preserve Our Neighborhoods
We must continue to protect the fabric of our single family neighborhoods from those who want to undermine our zoning laws and transform Shawnee. We must have our homeowners' backs - always!

Prioritize Core Services To keep Shawnee safe, we must continue to equip our police and fire departments with the resources they need, while maximizing funding to improve our infrastructure such as streets and pipes.

Stand Up for Taxpayers
Shawnee residents are feeling the squeeze due to inflation and high taxes. We must continue to lower the mill levy and reject special sales tax districts that increase taxes on families to benefit developers.

Champion Small Business
Enact reforms that that lift up all our small businesses, not just a select few chosen by city insiders. Let�s grow Shawnee the right way!

Celebrate Shawnee
Shawnee has a rich history and incredible traditions that we should celebrate. We must promote Old Shawnee Town and champion special community events like Old Shawnee Days and Moonlight Market. Let�s bring Shawnee together!

If you have any questions for Tammy, e-mail her at tammythomas1524@gmail.com.